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If you're not making mistakes, then you're not making decisions."

- Catherine Cook

"You're only old once."-Dr. Seuss

In just 21 years, I have tried my hand at a lot of things. Literally. Things like riding a bicycle without hands, cleaning a toilet with my bare hands, and riding a mechanical bull with one hand. Not all of those attempts were successes, but I have learned valuable lessons from every single one. Everything I have done--and the things I have gained from those experiences--have made me who I am today. Have fun exploring my story!


Disney College Program

Disneyland Resort Cast Member

     Apparently, three really is the magic number. It took three applications, three years, and three interviews before I was finally accepted into the highly-competitive Disney College Program. Out of thousands of applicants, I was honored to join a select group of 400 students who lived, learned, and worked at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

     As a Merchandise Cast Member in Tomorrowland, I was able to put into practice everything I had been learning in all of my previous jobs and education. I was blessed to join The Walt Disney Company just as Galaxy's Edge was opening at the Disneyland Resort, creating a deep need for new leaders. As I networked with influential managers and spent time supporting my fellow Cast Members in their roles, I developed a heart for servant leadership that has improved the way I make difficult decisions and interact with Guests. Follow my Disneyland career by clicking on the button below to read the latest edition of my monthly newsletter.

Milestones Photo Gallery

No Man Is an Island

An ancient proverb says that "It takes a village to raise a child." If "two's company" and "three's a crowd," then in my case, a village is exactly six people. Here is photographic evidence of just how close my family truly is to me.


American English Institute

Peer Mentor,

Classroom Tutor,

and Conversation Partner

     As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is crucial that I develop my ability to communicate with and respect people of diverse cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds. The American English Institute (AEI) has allowed me to do just that.

     Not only do I meet one-on-one with ESL (English as a Second Langugage) students, but I also work at the Help Desk (on-demand tutoring services for English grammar, writing, and homework assistance), and serve in Discussion, Pronunciation, and Student Success classes.

     The best part of my job is getting to know each student and show them what makes Eugene and Oregon so wonderful. Recently I had the honor of accompanying a large group of international students on a hike to Blue Pool. By following the link below, you can browse the photos from this excursion.


Bachelor of Science in Business Adminstration

Marketing & Entrepreneurship Concentrations

     The Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon is more than just one of the nation's premier business schools. It is also the place I spent two years of my life.

     Through my education here, I have learned how to think like a modern business leader and work productively in teams. I have developed friendships and built strong networks of peers. I have also had the honor of participating in some of the influential research and conversation revolving around small business startups. You can watch the video below to see me in action.


National Society of Leadership and Success

Secretary and

Executive Board Member

     In my position as the Secretary of the National Society of Leadership and Success at the University of Oregon, my organizational and analytical abilities were critical. As a result of my coordination efforts, the Executive Board was able to reverse the -student organization’s slow financial decline. In fact, we experienced both an increase in membership and a significant budget surplus! This was an excellent opportunity for me to use my business skills to develop actionable, effective digital marketing strategies.

     The National Society of Leadership is dedicated to "Building Leaders Who Make A Better World," and my membership has given me the confidence and self-reflection necessary to be the conscientious leader that businesses need. I invite you to learn more about the NSLS, also known as Sigma Alpha Pi.

Black Diamond Camps

Guest Services Associate

     My summer spent working on the Guest Services team at Black Diamond Camps was a transformational experience. The entire staff bonded together and accomplished far more than we thought possible. Our faith in Christ was strengthened as we served guests of all ages. This job honed my ability to communicate effectively and work alongside others.

     At one point, I was placed in charge of a 12-person team tasked with cleaning 36 hotel rooms in one afternoon. Because I realized that many of them were confused, I ensured that each person had a single job to perform, and I encouraged everyone to ask me any questions they might have. Besides delegating responsibilities, I saw an opportunity to help, so I joined my team in readying the hotel rooms for inspection. After we completed cleaning all 36 hotel rooms in under 3 hours, the entire party thanked me for leading the work-team.


University Christian Fellowship

Participant and Worship Leader

     The campus house ministry of University Christian Fellowship (not to be confused with the church of the same name) is a Dormitory, a Bible Study, a Cultural Exchange, and a College-Student Celebration all rolled into one! During most of the year, the campus house serves as a home for several college-age young women. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the house opens its doors to both men and women, as food is shared and conversations are held. UCF is more than just a place to hang out and have dinner; people of all ages and all cultures are invited to come and talk about deep spiritual issues.

     I first started attending UCF in the Fall of 2016--my first full term at the University of Oregon. After that, I became more involved with the ministry, including playing the piano on Thursday nights.

     UCF would love to have you join them! You can find out more on their website. Still not sure? Check out the photos from our recent Fishing Trip at the link below!

AWANA Clubs International

Music Leader and Group Instructor

     I grew up in AWANA clubs, memorizing Bible verses, listening to flannel graph stories, and playing tug-of-war. I was only logical that I would become a group leader when I graduated.

     As a group leader for AWANA T&T (the tween age-group), I played piano accompaniment for the songs, taught the lessons, listened to "clubbers" recite verses, and taught them the art of good sportsmanship. Most importantly, I showed kids that they are loved, and that God loves them.

Picture of Carlos reciting AWANA acronym

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