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5 Video Games I Wish I Could Play

Since I spend most of my time with other people (at home, on the bus, at school, at my job, at church, etc.), I usually end up playing a lot of games: Board games, Card games, Word games, and Sports games. In other words: physical, two-or-more-players.

Sometimes, though, I just want to sit down and play a few digital one-player games. I've had my eye on some truly amazing apps and PC games released in the last year.

Here is my Top 5 List for Games I Wish I Could Play:

#1: Monument Valley 1 + 2

Monument Valley is an Android and iOS app (think: Smartphone) that uses M.C.-Escher-esque geometry to stretch the laws of physics and game mechanics. In the first installment, players guide a young girl through 19 strange and mind-bending chapters. The second installment includes two characters and 14 more breathtaking chapters.


#2: No Man's Sky

Unlike Monument Valley, No Man's Sky is most certainly not an app. Instead, it is a massive PC game (think: powerful computer and fast internet connection) that uses a library of parts to create a huge galaxy populated with fantastic worlds. This game is designed to let each planet-hopping astronaut interact with other players, but the randomly-generated universe is so huge, players will explore alone most of the time.


#3: Firewatch

Firewatch is deceptive. At first glance, it looks gorgeous--almost tranquil. However, this first-person PC game is a clever blend of exploration, self-reflection, and survival. Each player is a lonely fire ranger, isolated in the wilderness of Wyoming. When something suspicious occurs, players race to solve a strange mystery before it is too late.


#4: Alto's Adventure

Once again, the app format returns with Alto's Adventure. This, too, is getting a sequel, but unlike Monument Valley, No Man's Sky, or Firewatch, the game format of Alto's Adventure is remarkably traditional. Just like an arcade game, players slide, glide, and jump in a 2-D world. The twist: players must complete challenges before time runs out.


#5: Land's End

From the makers of Monument Valley 1 + 2 comes a completely different kind of game. Land's End is an exploration of the possibilities of Virtual Reality (think: visor mask, powerful computer). The breakthrough here is that players (alone, but free) roam through the world without ever touching a button--all that is needed is their gaze.


There is a definite theme here. Even though some of these games lack strong story-lines, their designers have placed a strong emphasis on captivating, clean visuals. That alone is worth the purchase price.

In a world where people are constantly staring at their screens, they might as well look at something beautiful.

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