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A Little Engineering Humor

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

A quick reflection on what we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and a healthy dose of humor to go with it.

Comic strip depicting a poorly-designed bridge.
At least they reached a compromise!

Sometimes, our life can feel as messy as the poorly-designed bridge depicted in the cartoon above (I found it in the midst of a project folder I was scanning). Yet with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend nearly upon us, it is a good time to take a step back from our work to see the big picture. Why do we design projects, attend meetings, and work with clients?

Because people matter.

This Thanksgiving, spend some time with the people in your life, and tell them that they are loved. After all, aren't you thankful that this isn't a construction project OBEC worked on? Take a peek at the image below (also found in an archival project folder) for a bit more humor:

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