• Kent Slocum

How I Feel About Hayward Field

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Tracktown USA logo with East Grandstands
The East Grandstands have existed since 1919, giving life to "Historic" Hayward Field. Now, the building has been demolished.

In this video, I am interviewed about the destruction of Hayward Field.

Re: Urban Forestry Office

City of Eugene Parks and Open Spaces Division

1820 Roosevelt Boulevard

Eugene, OR 97404

Dear Sirs:

     My name is Kent Slocum, and I am a full-time student of the University of Oregon. I am a strong supporter of your work, preserving and expanding the tree canopy in Eugene. My family is proud to support many trees and bushes on our property.

    It is with great dismay that I found out about the proposed removal of 23 trees in the right-of-way surrounding Hayward Field. I walk under those beautiful, healthy trees every day, and I know first-hand that they provide a great deal of shade and joy for the entire community.

     I am especially shocked that this massive removal project will be occurring in conjunction with your initiative to increase tree coverage for the 2021 Track and Field World Championships. The 2021 Track and Field World Championships will be held at Hayward Field--why remove the trees that are best positioned to absorb the carbon emissions? The replacement of just 30 immature trees is insufficient to offset the environmental impact of removing those trees around Hayward Field. I urge you to please reconsider this removal and prevent the destruction of such a wonderful natural treasure.

Please keep me notified of further developments on the Hayward Field project, including meeting times and locations, and projected removal dates and times.

Your fellow supporter of a greener Eugene,

Kent Slocum


Concept Drawing of West Grandstands and New South Concourse
Tinker Hatfield designed a new Hayward Field that kept the East Grandstands in place. Now, the esteemed designer is being ignored.

Re: Mailbag

The Register-Guard

3500 Chad Drive

Eugene, OR 97408

Dear Editor:

As a student at the University of Oregon, I walk past the East Grandstand twice a day. My pace picks up every time I pass by the grand wooden structure, thinking of the incredible track-and-field legacy that the stadium has presided over. As a fan of track-and-field, I am saddened that the UO intends to demolish Historic Hayward Field in lieu of something flashier, larger, and definitely more expensive. The last time the UO built an athletic arena of this scale (think Matthew Knight Arena), students ended up paying nearly $502,000 a year in debt service. I'm not sure what will be more disappointing--seeing the "Historic" part of Hayward go, or seeing a vastly empty stadium sitting unused most of the time.      Don't get me wrong; I am pleased that the UO is planning for the future. But what kind of a future does Eugene want? Plenty of cities have sprawling, overbuilt athletic stadiums. What they don't have is a place that is recognized worldwide for its remarkable ability to inspire people to greatness. With the East Grandstand nominated for City Landmark status, I urge the UO to reconsider the original remodel plan, as well as the students and citizens of Eugene.

Sincerely, Kent Slocum