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Is Education Important?

Although I only just graduated from the University of Oregon, I am already having second thoughts. The first of three agonizing questions I have recently wrestled with is this: “Is a college education important for my future?” Before I enrolled in any university classes, I wanted to know whether the value they provided was worth the exorbitant tuition rate. Now that I have graduated, I want to know how the classes I have already taken will help me advance my aspiring career. For this reason, I embarked on a mission to discover ways in which my college education could become a powerful tool to achieve my dreams.

To begin with, my search for answers convinced me that the majority of my college-level classes have equipped me with the practical, mental skills necessary to perform well in the demanding world of business. A grasp of mathematics, statistics, language, literature, speech, and finance undoubtedly make me a more marketable employee and knowledgeable employer. However, my research also revealed that a college education serves an even more important function. College attendance has trained my mind to tackle new tasks, navigate new experiences, and appreciate different points of view. These mental gymnastics have taught me to remain relevant in the constantly shifting realm of employment. It is now clear to me that yes, a college education is important. (Is college necessary? Probably not.) Yet, I still had unanswered questions.

After graduation, I quickly realized that my higher education would become nothing more than an expensive and meaningless endeavor without a thoughtful implementation plan. Therefore, my next burning question to investigate was, “Has my course of study set me on a good career path?” In answer to this question, I found that my business background is a valuable tool that can be used anywhere and everywhere. By setting goals for my career and continuing to learn as much as I can outside of the classroom, I am doing far more than embracing hopes about my future. In fact, I am creating a road map upon which my scholastic efforts become the driving force behind my career. Since my college degree is no longer a goal but an accomplishment, my choice to pursue a Marketing job in Eugene is greatly simplified.

With confidence in my education and a direction for my life, I could now focus on the last of my three distressing questions: “How will my college education help shape my future?” I already knew that the steps needed for my future success depended upon a healthy program of stimulating continuing education to physically and mentally train me for my future profession. Remembering that the ultimate goal of my classes was to foster creativity and enlarge my horizons, I logically concluded that I must make it my habit to challenge the commonly-held conventions of business culture and forge a career that makes powerful use of novel ideas.

For me, earning a bachelor’s degree is only the beginning of something far greater. By utilizing the concepts honed in the classroom, I will be able to avoid many mistakes and learn critical lessons as I work for existing companies and network with talented individuals. That is why a college education is so valuable to me—it has provided me the unique opportunity to transform tuition into a wealth of knowledge, which in turn will help me leverage my wisdom and business acumen for success. I can hardly wait to get started.

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