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Lego Mining Vehicle

The GroundHog is a massive mining vehicle, with more than enough power to handle even the most heavy-duty mining tasks. Take a look at some of its powerful features:

The GroundHog has an electric winch on the front, capable of pulling 1.5 times the vehicle's weight. This winch serves three critical purposes:

#1: First, the winch allows the GroundHog to tow other vehicles and equipment.

#2: Second, the winch doubles as a safety line, when crossing deep chasms.

#3: Finally, the winch works in conjunction with the wheels to improve traction and pulling capacity, especially when climbing up steep inclines.

The GroundHog also features advanced articulated steering. This means that the steering is achieved by swiveling the entire vehicle, instead of simply turning the front wheels. The articulated steering serves three critical functions:

#1: First, the articulated steering allows the GroundHog to make sharp turns.

#2: Second, the articulated steering simplifies the all-wheel drive train system, increasing power, traction, and load capacity.

#3: Third, the articulated steering allows the front and rear segments to be disconnected and recombined in various combinations.

The GroundHog also features a triple drill/dumper/storage feature.

When the truck bed is dumped, it becomes a stabilizer for the rear of the vehicle as the storage container is removed. The storage container holds hand tools, seismic measurement instruments, and a portable restroom.

Once the portable unit has been removed, the drill may be deployed and operated from either of the two front cabs. The inclusion of an onboard drill reduces the number of vehicles necessary to excavate and transport valuable minerals. This saves valuable time and effort for the mining crew.

To learn more about the GroundHog, please visit these four links:

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