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"Every moment is a fresh beginning." - T.S. Elliot

As a marketer and an entrepreneur, I love to learn new things. I'm continually adding new skills and subject-matter to my repertoire. If I'm not investigating some new topic, I'm working on improving my mastery of what I already have. What can I do, and what am I good at? Keep reading to find out!

Things I Am Good At

Recently, my family and I experienced an Escape Room together. We had 1 hour to find clues, solve riddles, and complete our mission. Here are the skills I have that helped us get out of the Escape Room with time to spare: ​​

  • Solving Tricky, Multi-Layer Puzzles

  • Working in a Team

  • Paying Attention to Detail

  • Listening to Others

  • Reading (and Following) Instruction Manuals

  • Bending Down

  • Motivating Team Members to Finish Strong

  • Reaching High Places

  • Sending and Receiving Messages via Computer

  • Avoiding Claustrophobia

  • Speaking a Smattering of Spanish

  • Resolving Disagreements

  • Posing for Celebratory Pictures Afterwards

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