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Rules I Live By

"The really great man is the man who makes everyone feel great." - Chinese Proverb

The nice thing about being a student (and especially about being a graduate) is that everyone is happy to give you advice. Here are some of the pithy sayings that I have adopted for my own over time. Some of them I have left unchanged--others I have modified. If you know me well, you will recognize all of these. If you do not know me well, you will find links to descriptions of the more obscure ones.

  1. SCRUM is a mentality, not just a lifestyle.

  2. Never stop learning; if you rest, you rust.

  3. Don't be afraid to fail, but only if you can learn from your mistakes.

  4. Live below your means, so you can live above your circumstances.

  5. Give more than you can afford.

  6. Early to bed and early to rise is rarely sustainable.

  7. Measure twice, cut once.

  8. Make sure you have a good accountant, or be one yourself.

  9. Respect your leader's authority, even if you don't respect them.

  10. Everything is relative, except truth. For example, free will.

  11. "Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone." - John Wooden

  12. "Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough troubles of its own." - Matthew 6:34

  13. "Avoiding mistakes costs more than making them."-Omar Shai, CMO,

  14. Double-Entry Bookkeeping can save your finances. Learn it now.

  15. Jesus has saved your life. Get to know Him better.

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