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Skill Types

The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (or CLII, as it is known) is a powerful tool for assessing my interests and preferences for different types of work activities. People who choose a career based on interests and their capabilities tend to be more satisfied and successful in both their educational and career pursuits. Therefore, the CLII helps identify career fields that are in alignment with my interests and that I will find personally satisfying. The CLII is designed around the RIASEC model of Career Choices, which measures an individual's interests across six broad career interest areas: Organizers, Persuaders, Helpers, Doers, Thinkers, and Creators.

According to the CLII, I am primarily an Organizer and Persuader:

  • Conventional: I like working in structured situations and working with details or data. I am good at organizing, following procedures, learning regulations/rules, and calculating or budgeting. I solve problems by being organized. I typically value efficiency and self-control, and I typically respect the prevailing values of society.

  • Enterprising: I like to work with people or data, have an impact, and achieve goals by persuading, selling, influencing or directing others. I tend to be assertive and enthusiastic. I solve problems by taking the lead and taking risks. I typically value having influence on others, status, excitement, making decisions, and selling ideas.

According to this data, I match well with the following occupational areas:

  • Information Technology

  • Production Services

  • Administrative Support Services

  • Customer Service

  • Retail Sales

  • Banking & Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Business Entrepreneurship

  • Hospitality/Tourism

  • Education

With this information, it is no wonder I enjoy working at Disney!

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