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Talent Type

Clifton StrengthsFinder & Gallup StrengthsQuest

When Don Clifton pioneered the StrengthsFinder assessment, he believed that a deeper understanding of their strengths would help individuals be more successful. Now administered by Gallup, the StrengthsFinder assessment uses a series of questions and statements to help participants find their top five areas of talent (out of a total of 34). These five "Signature Themes" are helping me identify my natural talents, build them into strengths, and leverage them into personal and career success. I describe my top five Signature Themes below, along with a brief description of which behaviors they describe.

  • Restorative: I am adept at dealing with problems; I figure out what is wrong and resolve it. I have learned the immense value of listening to others and empathizing with them.

  • Learner: I have a great desire to learn and continuously improve. I have learned to enjoy both the process of learning and the outcome; celebrating hard work and accomplishments.

  • Relator: I derive deep satisfaction in working hard with teammates to achieve a goal. Even though I work well alone, I have learned to depend on others for support and assistance.

  • Responsibility: I take psychological ownership of what I say I will do. While committed to stable values such as integrity, accountability and trust, I have learned to have fun as well.

  • Discipline: I find peace in routine and structure, creating order out of complexity. I have learned to thrive in unpredictability and uncertainty, staying calm under pressure.

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