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These Photos Are Older Than I Am!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Sometimes, archival scanning has its rewards. Hidden treasures tend to surface unexpectedly--like these four photographs taken for the Ferry Street Bridge Improvement Project and the construction of the Willamette River Pedestrian Crossing Bridge. It was a little shocking to see Alton Baker Park under so much water, but the biggest surprise struck me when I flipped over the photos to look at the date written on the back of them.

Printed neatly in blue ink is the date "11-18-96" (November 18, 1996)--less than a week before I was born on November 24, 1996! It seems that I keep discovering amazing things that happened in 1996--occurrences that are more than mere coincidence. It seem that the Lord is trying to tell me that I am specially made, and most certainly not an accident!

For those of you familiar with Alton Baker Park in Eugene, look closely at the following photos and see if you can recognize the location from which the different images were taken! Or, you can click on the images to jump to a Google Street View version of the current location of each photo.

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