• Kent Slocum

Three Great Games Where Everyone Wins

These "Cooperative" board games are full of nail-biting fun, but everyone wins together!

In Forbidden Desert, up to six players struggle to survive the harsh windstorms and heat of a strange, remote desert. Because each player has different skills, everyone must work together to uncover the missing relics before time runs out!

Similar to the game above, Forbidden Island is also a race against time to collect treasures and escape a rapidly-sinking island. The main difference? Forbidden Island uses a disappearing-card mechanism to make the game even more panicky. This is certainly one of my favorite games of all time, because everyone is willing to play!

The Secret Door is an old family favorite, manufactured by a small Canadian company. It puts a fascinating twist on what would otherwise be a boring game of Memory. Not only must you find matches, but you must also find them before the clock strikes twelve! Once time runs out, everyone must use their deductive skills to determine what lies behind The Secret Door.

A far more strategic and stressful game in this category is Pandemic. Just like Forbidden Desert or Forbidden Island, Pandemic uses six players with special abilities to move around the map and perform special actions. The difference? The entire world's fate depends on what you and your team members do!

For serious players, Pandemic has released an expansion set that increases the complexity and excitement of the base game.