Purpose & Goals

"I'm glad I'm me. I'm glad I'm me.

There's no one else I want to be."-Jack Prelutsky

None of us live in a vacuum. We all are influenced by the people we meet, the books we read, and the things we hear. Here are the things that define me, the words that inspire me, and the thoughts that go through my head. Who am I? Glad you asked.

The really great man is the man who makes everyone feel great."

- Chinese Proverb

Vision Statement

If you don't stand for something, you stand against it.

     During an intense week-long session of the LeaderShape Institute, I was challenged to articulate my vision for the world. This vision, though grandiose, gives me guidance for everything I do, and helps me more genuine and intentional. Before doing anything, I ask myself, "will this action help further my vision?"

     As a business leader, my vision statement compels me to make sure that my communication is understandable, my excitement is contagious, and my interactions are empowering.

    This vision is more than words; it is a creed.

"A world where all people engage in healthy dialogue with each other, inspiring them to pursue their own educational interests, discover foundational  truths, and share diverse experiences."


"I am a child of God, uniquely and wonderful created in His image, unconditionally loved, and designed to show that same love to others so they might know the truth."

Identity & Meaning

Wisdom is learning who to listen to.

     We all seek personal fulfillment: in our work, in our families, in our leisure, and in our communities. We all want to "make a difference" and "do something great" with our lives. Unfortunately, we never really find our true purpose in any of those things. Even worse, we lose our jobs, our loved ones, our free time, and our living situations. This leaves us aimlessly searching for meaning, seeking identity in something that can never provide true fulfillment.

     That's why I have based my identity statement on something that will never change: my relationship with my Creator. The Bible tells me plainly what my two greatest purposes on Earth are: "Love the Lord your God will all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength," and "love your neighbor as yourself." If I can do these two things, then I will have lived a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Core Values

With every fiber of my being.

     These are things that I feel strongly about, but not the only things which I feel. These are obligations I have, but not the only demands others give me. These are requirements I fulfill, but not the only ones which consume my time.

     This list is sorted into five major categories, which are divided into sub-categories of no less importance:

  • Love

    • Compassion​ & Kindness

    • Caring & Justice

  • Trust

    • Wisdom​ & Faith

    • Religion & Spirituality

  • Truth

    • Honesty​ & Openness

    • Trustworthiness & Skepticism

  • Family

    • Respect & Recognition​

    • Responsibility & Commitment

  • Creativity

    • Innovation​ & Optimism

    • Knowledge & Learning

    • Challenge & Growth

    • Career & Professionalism


Rules I Live By

Words of wisdom, wispers of truth.

     The nice thing about being a student (and especially about being a graduate) is that everyone is happy to give you advice. Here are some of the pithy sayings that I have adopted for my own over time. Some of them I have left unchanged--others I have modified. If you know me well, you will recognize all of these. If you do not know me well, you will find links to descriptions of the more obscure ones.

  1.     SCRUM is a mentality, not just a lifestyle.

  2.     Never stop learning; if you rest, you rust.

  3.     Don't be afraid to fail, but only if you can learn from your mistakes.

  4.     Live below your means, so you can live above your circumstances.

  5.     Give more than you can afford.

  6.     Early to bed and early to rise is rarely sustainable.

  7.     Measure twice, cut once.

  8.     Make sure you have a good accountant, or be one yourself.

  9.     Respect your leader's authority, even if you don't respect them.

  10.     Everything is relative, except truth. For example, free will.

  11.     "Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone." - John Wooden

  12.      "Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough troubles of its own." - Matthew 6:34

  13.     "Avoiding mistakes costs more than making them."-Omar Shai, CMO, Wix.com

  14.      Double-Entry bookkeeping can save your finances.

  15.      Jesus has saved your life. Get to know Him better.


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