• Kent Slocum

Past LEGO Creations

Ever since I was too young to follow instruction manuals, I have played with the LEGO System of Play. Side Note: I was recently looking through some old Lego instruction booklets, and found this curious message printed on the back. It is trying to remind us that "LEGO" is an adjective, even though most people use the incorrect term "Legos."

Although my creations have become increasingly complicated, the joy of creation remains pure and simple. You can watch videos of some of my more recent LEGO creations on my YouTube channel:

Of course, I was building with LEGO bricks before I had a video camera. Here are some of my works from previous years (I had to scan old photos to show you these).

The image at right is an aircraft carrier flanked by a submarine. Notice that the hull of the aircraft carrier uses several different brick colors, because I did not have the variety of pieces necessary to build everything in a single color scheme. This is a common thread with most amateur builders: a lack of bricks. That's why I visited one place that had no end of bricks: LEGO KidsFest! Below is a time-lapse film showing the hundreds of individual creations that end up becoming part of the Creation Nation. At exactly :31, you can see my red arch show up at the top left of the map. For some reason, it is removed later. I wonder why?

Speaking of video, below is a film projector machine I made using LEGO Technic parts and pieces. I used thread to simulate the path that film would take from reel to reel, and the entire machine was operated via an RCX motor (the grey box located at the top left). Notice the spool of thread in the bottom left.

Here's an eight-wheeler I built a very long time ago. Even though the picture is a bit fuzzy, you can see that I incorporated a hollow back-end with a lowering access ramp. The hardest part of the vehicle was the grill on the front, which unfortunately is not very visible from this angle.

Here's a fishing pole I made out of LEGO Technic pieces! Unlike real fishing poles, however, this creation would not be able to reel in anything. At this length, the LEGO bricks tend to lose some of their clutch power, making them weak and easily breakable.

In the very distant past, I tried my hand and building planet out of LEGO bricks. As you can see, I did a very poor job. Little did I know that building spherical objects out of rectangular bricks is one of the greatest challenges for any builder; in fact, LEGO Master Builders must past this test in order to receive official certification!

Here is a pistol that I built pain-stakingly from the parts of the LEGO Jumping Giant monster truck. At the time, I felt quite proud of the ergonomics and realism. Now, I feel that a creation such as this is rather dangerous, considering recent events. Since this was built entirely from Technic pieces, this is an extremely solid build. It took me longer to take apart than to put together.

Finally, here is a creation that I built by combining my LEGO Mindstorms motorized robotics system and my LEGO PowerMiners Crystal Sweeper set. The top section could rotate a full 360 degrees, as well as raise and lower in order to sweep crystals and bricks into the collection bucket.

Did you enjoy looking at some of the things I have built with the LEGO System of Play? Comment on this post and let me know what you think!